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The proposal

Will you marry me?

The proposal was traditionally the time when the groom asked the bride’s family for permission to marry her, gave her an engagement ring in front of everyone and the wedding preparations began.

Nowadays, it is more of a decision by the bride and groom to share the news with their relatives and start the preparations.

Where should the ceremony be held?

It should ideally be celebrated with dinner at a hall or restaurant where the two families can meet comfortably and share the news of the wedding.

When is the ideal time?

It should be held between 6 and 12 months before the wedding. The point is to choose a date when all the guests can attend.

Dress code

Proposals are formal events, meaning that men should wear dark suits and women should wear cocktail dresses or tailored suits. It is a special moment, so you should dress for the occasion.


The point of a proposal is to announce the couple’s engagement. Traditionally, the groom’s father says a few words to the bride’s father before dinner. The groom then asks his future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand. The proposal is an ideal time for the two families to socialize and meet before the wedding, since they will also be together for their whole lives.


This is a very personal choice and each couple has its preferences, but the bride traditionally gives the groom a watch, while he gives her an engagement ring, which can be a classic diamond solitaire or a precious stone.

Tips for your celebration
Bridal gown

Bridal gown

You’re the star today-make the most of it

Hairstyle and make-up

Hairstyle and make-up

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