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The honeymoon

What you look forward to most after the wedding is undoubtedly the honeymoon

A honeymoon is one of the most special moments. Not only because you will enjoy a well-earned rest with your partner but because it will become one of the happiest experiences in your life that you will always remember. Ideally, you should strike a balance between the destinations you have always dreamt of and your available budget. Once you have found the perfect balance, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals who will provide thousands of suggestions and alternatives.

The days leading up the wedding can be so stressful that planning your honeymoon can actually be relaxing. The idea of the couple finally being able to have time alone and relax is exciting. But ensuring that everything runs smoothly requires efficient organization and having everything wrapped up when you start your journey. The secret is to enjoy every moment of an experience that will never be repeated.

Jot down these points that will help you with the basic organization of a honeymoon.

  • Estimate your available budget for a honeymoon


  • Choose your destination, bearing in mind the time you have available and what you enjoy doing (relaxing, sightseeing, forgetting about everything involved in the wedding preparations...).


  • Calculate the time required to get all the documents you need for the trip: passport, visa, permits, etc.


  • Pack your cases at least a week before the wedding to avoid forgetting things at the last moment..


  • Make a list of the activities you have planned for your honeymoon. This will help you decide what to pack.


And, of course, remember what Michoacán offers when it comes to deciding on where to spend your honeymoon:

  • Historical spaces…that fill every moment with intensity and excitement: ancient cobbled streets, rose-colored stone facades, imposing volcanoes and sanctuaries filled with beautiful butterflies on their journey south.


  • Spectacular breathtaking gardens


  • Vice-regal jewels…its magnificent temples and churches with intimate spaces irradiating energy and spirituality.


  • Ideal destination…because of its location, air and land connections, beautiful natural spaces, the hospitable people and professional services.
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